"Meals in the care.
Just to enjoy."


From egg to opinionated chicken
Outside the frost cracks, the spring suddenly seems further away than ever, but ..: the egg is laid! The Beautiful Meal campaign has its own website in a marketplace and meeting place. Looking for a supplier of products from the region? Advice needed on a seasonal adjustment of the menu cycle? Verbal cross swords over 'decoupled' versus 'linked' or industrial versus craft "? This "egg" is asking to be kept warm: supply and demand, doubt and science, discovery and experience. And then it depends on to grow steadily: from 'egg' to 'genwijze chicken-egg' in the diverse field of "meals in care. The 'run' where everyone who cares about this essential part of the care demand Surfing can pick up, but also own eggs can lay the basis for 'meals in the care, purely to savor. This site is still early, and far from 'around' (as befits a good egg). Feedback, tips, questions, suggestions? They are welcome! Are we going there again when the chickens get to work ..




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